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Plug in to Movable Type winners

Six Apart have announced the winners of the Plug in to Movable Type contest, and the first prize went to Jay for MT-Blacklist 2.0 (Here’s his reaction). Jay gets a dual 2GHz PowerMac G5 with a 23″ cinema display and Adobe Creative Suite CS, the lucky guy… 🙂
Other winners included third prizes for MultiBlog by David Raynes’ and Markdown John Gruber – they both win 40GB iPods.
Well done to those who won, especially Jay. MT-Blacklist 2.0 is an awesome piece of programming – 1.x pales in comparison.


  1. Congratulations Winners of the MT Development Contest

    Congratulations winners! I can’t wait for the winner, Jay Allen to release his BlackList extension. I already use the third place MultiBlog from David Rayners. I think I will be installing Notifier which also got third place. Once again congrats…

  2. A worthy winner.