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Which IT musical stereotype are you?

This El Reg article, via Dave’s Rants, has the results of a survey into the musical tastes of IT professionals. Interestingly, MS Certified Professionals tend to like mainstream pop music and list acts like Dido and Britney as their favourites, whereas software developers prefer heavy metal and acts like Iron Maiden and Slipknot. Which probably explains why I’m not a software developer…
The closest match on the list to me is electronic music, which is mostly enjoyed by Linux users, apparently. incidentally, if that poll is accurate, my mother would be an IT director and my dad would be project manager, and most of my friends would be database administrators…


  1. Another kinda cool thing on this. Over on AudioScrobbler they are having a discussion on the data they could collect on musical preferences based on occupation etc..

  2. Music Stereotypes

    Via Neil Turner. The Reg has an intresting article on which musical stereotype IT people are. Naturally I don’t really…

  3. The problem with this “study” is that it only used 200 students in one area. It’s difficult to apply that demographic to all IT folk.
    But still a funny story. 🙂 I think it was on Slashdot earlier this week.

  4. According to the site, I should be a CIO/IT director.