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Welcome to the house of fun

I’m now properly resident in Bradford again. While ADSL isn’t yet a reality in the house (more on that later), myself and all my belongings, bar one sock whose brother is back in York, are now moved in.
The house is now in a much better state. The wallpaper in the bathroom is now properly stuck down, and the awful curtains and broken blind in the front room are now gone which makes the room look instantly nicer (pity about the chairs and sofa). In my room, the delightful floral wallpaper is now mostly masked by posters and things, and it now finally looks like someone actually lives in it as opposed to a spare room/dumping ground. Although the latter is still true to some extent as it’s not the biggest room in the world and like any student I have far too much junk to fill it with.
I’m posting this from the library mainly because I need some drivers for the ADSL modem. Our own modem hasn’t arrived yet so my boss has kindly let us borrow his (along with a spare microfilter) until it arrives. Trouble is, to get the modem to work I’ll need drivers, but to get the drivers I need the internet, which needs a modem. And to get the modem to work I need drivers, but… So I’m now sat in the corner of the library with a modem and a ridiculously long USB cable, downloading the drivers and looking rather suspect in the process.
Walking across campus today was eerie. I’ve been out on Sunday mornings before during term time and it’s quiet then, but this was just weird. No-one was there. It was like the opening scenes of 28 Days Later. Oddly, there are quite a few people in the library though.
I’ll have some photos of the house soon.


  1. Aah… Sunday morning trips to the library. Made me feel very nostalgic for my uni days.
    Make the most of them; it’s all down hill once you leave. 😉

  2. I can’t tell you how impressed I am that you know that one sock is missing.

  3. Ha! I’ve been used to empty campuses for about a decade, first as a PhD student (52-week year, so terms are irrelevant) then in Uni. admin.
    Nothing personal, but I genuinely think universities are nicer places without undergrads!

  4. I returned to the Bradford Campus for a nosey recently, about 10 years after I graduated. Wish I’d appreciated back then how nice it is to have so much time on your hands.
    It was eery for me, seeing how the layout’s changed (“hey, where are the stairs down to the Computer Centre?” etc,etc).
    And it was a Sunday outside term-time, so it was deathly quiet then, too.