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Regressing to the point of uselessness

There’s something seriously gone wrong with Lockergnome. In May, I wrote about their RSS Resource feed which was no longer including HTML links. But now, all of its email newsleters, despite being delivered in HTML, don’t have links in the article. Instead, you now have to click on a link beside each item to go the Lockergnome web site, and then follow the links. To me, that’s just plain stupid.
It’s obvious that this has been done to try to increase advertising revenue but it means the newsletters now take twice as long to read through, not helped by all the coupons and special offers entries which are only of use to those in the US and often aren’t for anything I’d want anyway. The general quality of the newsletters has, in my mind, also decreased – I don’t like how Windows Daily is now little more than an aggregation of content from several other sites. I used to look forward to reciving it when Chris wrote the whole issue himself.
So, alas, after 4 years, I’m afraid the Lockergnome honeymoon is over. I’ve unsubscribed. Sorry Chris, et al.


  1. I gave up on LockerGnome ages ago. I understand Chris is trying to make a living off LockerGnome and all the other ventures he is running. However, I don’t want to see advertising pasted all over an RSS newsfeed/newsletter. It got so bad that I couldn’t tell the ads from the articles.
    Kind of reminds me of the destruction of TechTV by G4. With TSS now the Kevin and Sarah show, there is only one show I watch now on G4TechTV. Electronic Playground. Even that show has lost a lot of why I had originally started watching it for. Real reviews. Now it’s just Vic and Tommy running around saying that every game they talk about is great and we should check it out. With a comicbook and action figure review stick in too. I’m starting to pass on that show too.
    Do you follow SlashDot these days? I stopped paying attention to them when I started noticing that the other blogs I follow had stories posted well before SlashDot. I used to think that SlashDot was the first to cover stories. That and the fact that it’s a Linus/Mac is great and Windows Sucks site. A site like SlashDot should be as unbiased as possible. Ah well…

  2. Sorry, let me refund everybody’s subscription. 😉 FWIW, we removed the coupons, etc. last week. Take care!

  3. Wow! I thought it was just me!
    I unsubscribed from Lockergnome ages back for much the same reasons as outlined above, but on the Slashdot thing I got to agree.
    I removed if from my RSS reader last week, cos I got sick of it’s ‘new’ items being about 2 days behind where I was due to my sources being better. I suppose it’s just that the RSS reader allows me to have my own ‘Slashdot’ covering the news I want to read in the areas I want to read.

  4. All good things must come to a end.