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I’d like to attract a bit of attention to Firexplorer, a project run by my friends (and fellow Bradford* students) Richard Kirkcaldy and Andy Rogers. The project is to produce a version of Firefox which looks almost exactly like Microsoft Internet Explorer (including theme, application name, icons etc.), but is based on Firefox’s more secure codebase. There’s not much there at the moment other than a screenshot but stay tuned.
* = Yes, I know the university web site is down for maintenance. So is my university email 🙁


  1. This one is really cool! I’ll install it when it is done, so as to fool my family members that they are using IE…

  2. Firexplorer

    Neil over at Neil’s World has some info on a new development project. The aim of the project is to create a version of Firefox that looks exactly the same as Internet Explorer. So far all that’s available is a

  3. I’ve sent the follow suggestion to Richard and Andy:
    Use another application directory anf profile directory, e.g.:
    C:Program FilesFirexplorer
    C:Documents and Settings[username]Application DataFirexplorer
    Because it would be nice to have BOTH Firexplorer and Firefox install on the same machine: Firexplorer for fooling the hardcore IE users; and Firefox for mozilla users.

  4. Even more improvements can be made by hiding the “Go” menu and perhaps renaming the Bookmarks menu as Favorites.
    Also the order for Refresh and Stop buttons needs to reversed.

  5. What is the difference between FireExplorer and just installing a Internet Explorer Theme ?

  6. First off – sorry Neil if this is hijacking you blog a little. I’ll encourage all comments to be made on the actual site once we have that setup.
    The difference between an IE theme and Firexplorer is saving time and energy. The IE theme typicaly doesn’t install for all users, and the Firesomething extension doesn’t either. Finally, the Icon packs for Mozilla aren’t always straight forward to install properly, and the three of these products aren’t so easy to find. Our product will come with all of them by default installed for all users.
    Thanks to Minghong and berkut for your suggestions. They are something we will look into, but we haven’t quite got the basics ready yet – we still have a lot to learn.

  7. Fantastic idea. Gives IE users one less reason to stick with IE 🙂

  8. By the way, I can’t ping your server (for trackbacking):
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    What “questionable content” did I sent?

  9. probably some spam filter…

  10. Firefox as MSIE

    I can see this being useful in making Firefox useful for the masses. Some developers are attempting to make Firefox look and act just like MSIE. Now if somebody can…