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I’m now using MT-Blacklist’s auto-moderation feature as a further spam deterrent. This is a new feature that comes with version 2 of the plugin which is in beta at the moment. Auto-moderation kicks in when your comment appears to fall into the grey area between a legitimate comment and spam, based on the following tests:

  1. You post a URL for a page on (as mentioned, Blog*Spot blogs are being used by spammers as doorways to their sites)
  2. You use swearing in a post. This is mostly to stop flames.
  3. You post a large number of URLs.
  4. You post a comment on an entry that is more than 6 weeks old. Comments are closed entirely on entries that are 8 weeks old.

If you do one of the above, rather than being posted right away your comment will require approval from me before it will appear on then site. If you use any other blacklisted URL then your comment will be rejected outright. This applies to trackbacks and comments from TypeKey users too.
MT-Blacklist will also allow you to block duplicate comments and trackback pings – in MT2.x, this required a couple of hacks to the MT source code.
Note that MT-Blacklist 2 is still beta quality so it’s possible that there will be some hiccups. Bear with me.


  1. Sounds like quality work. I can’t wait to get the sucker installed.

  2. Looking good. Can’t wait to get it installed.

  3. Would like to test it too..