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A free iPod?

Engadget has a small article about It does smell like a bit of a scam, but it seems legitimate according to the article. Basically, you have to sign up to the site and then sign up to an offer from one if its partners. Then, you have to get 5 friends to sign up to the site, and then sign up to a partner offer. Then, you get your free iPod, iPod Mini or $250 cash.
But then you do need to have 5 friends who all want to join a DVD club, get a new credit card or want AOL broadband, which may make things a little more difficult. And you could argue that the iPod isn’t free because you’ve had to sign up for something else which will probably cost more in the longrun anyway.
On a similar note, yesterday’s Ask Jack column in the Guardian had information about those eBay auctions where the winner is sent a link to a site where they can allegedly buy an iPod for £20. Unlike the above, it is very much a scam in my eyes and will in fact be illegal in the UK soon.
Still, if you want to be guaranteed of getting an iPod, just buy one like everyone else 🙂 .


  1. Don’t want a free iPod? How about a nearly free digital radio?
    Caveat – they’re made out cardboard.

  2. Well the new credit card won’t be expensive if you don’t use it but everything else would. The ipod for 20 quid were probably really good for the first couple of people to sign up if it’s legit. After that it soon becomes rediculous the number of people who need to sign up before you get anything. Presumably they get their friends in for the first few bids and then watch us suckers pay for them.

  3. …Unlike the above, it is very much a scam in my eyes…

    I’m not sure why you think isn’t a scam – it sounds exactly like the UK version. You only get the iPod if you persuade 5 others to sign up to a partner offer. Each of those 5 others only gets an iPod if they can persuade 5 more… and so on. Admittedly the number of people required is less than the UK version, but I notice it doesn’t say how much these partner offers cost – I would guess they’re going to work out at about $100 or more.

  4. Is The Real Deal

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