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Mini iPods are not so much of a rip-off

Back in January, I posted my dissatisfaction over the difference between the price of an iPod Mini in the US and in the UK. They were to cost £199 here and $249 in the US, but $249 is £134. Obviously, you had to add VAT and the cost of shipping the iPods across, but this still only brought the price to around £160. Apple were to make an extra £40 profit on all devices sold in the UK that didn’t apply to US customers.
Well, the good news is that not only are iPod Minis soon to be launched here (finally… ), but they will retail at a rather more reasonable £180 (4th item). While there’s still around £20 going missing, they still represent much better value. And you can use the £20 you’ve saved to buy yourself 25 songs at the iTunes music store, which should buy you a couple of albums worth.
Other news from Apple today is that the new iMac will have a G5 processor. The new machines have been delayed due to a shortage of G5 chips, apparently.


  1. That is good news Neil. Apple have a very long history of inflated european pricing, which didn’t end even when they were making the stuff in Ireland. I was fully expecting 200 quid at least when they launched here. Perhaps the Creative 5Gb mp3 player that is retailing here for under 200 quid has helped.
    I bought a mini iPod a few months ago from the US, through ebay (where else) and it cost 180 quid including case, shipping, insurance etc. It took 6 days to arrive. Cant recommend them enough – great device.

  2. glad to hear. would you not still say they are a tad pricey when comparing the

  3. deizel.. I looked closely at the bigger iPods. I think it does come down to usage, and for me the size/weight issue was key as I wanted something I could use in the gym and whilst cycling (although I soon discovered the latter to be near lethal, as ears really do help in traffic).
    And at the end of the day, do you really want your entire 5000 song collection held on the device, or is 1200 songs sufficient. Just how long will you be away from your PC – 1200 songs is plenty of listening, believe me. 🙂
    All great devices though, and now iTunes is here in the UK – I might even pay actual money for some actual music, which would be a novelty for me.

  4. I’m with resyk. 1200 songs is more than fine for me and the smaller size is a bonus.

  5. how long do you have to wait to recieve your item?is it like the pyramid scheme?