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Blocking Blogspot

Following Jay’s advice, I’ve added to my local MT-Blacklist. It looks like various SEOs are creating blogs, filling them with poetry with links to porn/viagra/whatever sites interspersed and then spamming comments and referral lists with them.
Because I’m using the new version of MT-Blacklist, then in theory, any comments with URLs in them will need to moderated. They won’t be blocked entirely though – they’ll just need me to approve them before they’re added. That way, legitimate users of Blog*Spot who want to comment here can still do so. That’s the great thing about the new MT-Blacklist – you can set certain phrases which, instead of prohibiting the comment, merely queue it up for moderation.
Still, I find it a little ironic that spammers are using Blog*Spot, which is owned by Google, to try to improve their Google rankings.


  1. Have you heard when Jay is releasing MT-Blacklist to the general public?

  2. I’m interested in know this too. My wife uses MT3.0D, and it will be good to know when and if she starts getting hit by spammers.