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130 Quid!

The good news is that next week the house will be ADSL-enabled, courtesy of PlusNet. I say will – there’s a 99% chance that it will but it’s still possible that it might not, but the line has passed initial checks.
The bad news is the installation cost. While all the lucky people around the corner who can get Telewest all get free installation for TV, broadband internet and telephone, for broadband alone we’ve had to pay close to £130.
Now admittedly we could have got it cheaper, but we’re on a monthly, rather than annual contract (as far as I can tell this means we’re not subject to a 12 month minimum contract, so if they’re not very good it’s easier to transfer), and includes a USB modem as opposed to a PCI modem, which means any of the computers in the house can be used and not just the desktop (we’re all laptop users).
But it is nice to finally get the internet sorted. While it probably won’t be up and running until the middle/end of next week, there’s the possibility of dial-up or going into the university, which is only a 5 minute walk away.


  1. Seems extortionate for installation – most places give it to you for free.
    As far as the usb modem is concerned, wouldn’t you be better off getting a cheap router modem and then have all the machines running at the same time over cat5/wireless?
    From what I’ve seen, plusnet seem to be ok (and they have support open on a sunday!)

  2. Hmm, I’ve been looking at getting ADSL.
    Would you recommend PlusNet? Have they got any restrictions on how much data can be transferred monthly?

  3. I assume you don’t have any ADSL Connection equipment at the moment (cause then you wouldn’t be getting it…) If you do (or your PlusNet provided stuff arrives early) then I recommend setting it up early, as BT tend to activate the line early. Then, as soon as you get line synch, a quick call to support should see the account enabled, or try and connect and it should be auto-activated – Theres some info on early activations in
    Also, I suppose telling you that you could have saved the differece (IIRC) and gone for a Yearly Contact as the penalty to leave is only the differnce is a bit late 🙂

  4. I am with plusnet. Good service overall and They do a good job of keeping customers informed especially when there are minor line repairs and technical glitches.
    Also if there are a few of you, would you not be better off with a 4-port router so that you can all connect to internet at once? Just a thought.