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W Ketchup

  • Are you a Republican party voter?
  • Looking for something to put on your Freedom Fries without contributing to the Kerry campaign or foreign economies?
  • Then worry no more!

Yes, if you’re a xenophobic right-wing American voter you too can buy W Ketchup, which is made with 100% American ingredients. None of the money you spend on that ketchup will be sent abroad to help economies of struggling overseas nations, unlike that other famous brand. What’s more, by buying this ketchup, you’re somehow contributing to the memory of Ronald Reagan.
Of course, unlike the ketchup, the website is not 100% American, what with it being hosted on a distinctly “un-American” open ‘sauce’ (ho ho) web server with contributions from people around the world, and uses a scripting language originally developed by someone from Greenland while working in Canada.


  1. I think this is great, and I will have to link this sooner or later.
    I’m still giggling.

  2. Hey Neil you can email them at
    They seem to respond to their comments, so it would be interesting to see what their comeback for this is!

  3. Wow. It appears that you liberals have found one more thing to whine about, and have done that to the utmost perfection.
    Of course it won’t help struggling overseas nations!!! If you are so concerned about the unemployment you’d be happy the jobs stay here!!
    In addition, you conveniently left out the part about 5% of W Ketchup’s profits going to a scholarship fund for the children of killed American soldiers!! Oh, what a terrible cause is that! No, instead let’s give to some random country!
    Thank you sirs, and I dislike you, Mr. Turner, for your horrific mutilation of the facts.

  4. Why dont you worry about overthrowing the queen. By the looks of you, Ill bet your a limey wanker.