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New features for Firefox 1.0

We were told that Firefox 1.0 would have no new features over 0.9, just bug fixes. And then three new features come along.
Rather than go over them, I’ll hand you to Redemption in a Blog:

  • RSS Feed Integration – shows an icon in the status bar when a feed is found and lets you add the feed as a bookmark, or ‘livemark’
  • Better UI for blocked popups – shows an information bar, like in IE6 SP2
  • New Find Toolbar – an easier-to-use version of Find as you Type. A postscript to that article is that the old behaviour can be re-enabled by a hidden preference

While feature creep at such a late stage isn’t usually a good thing, let’s hope that it doesn’t impact the quality of the finished product.


  1. Well, sure thing. LiveMarks broke bookmarks handling (should be fixed now) and crashed at a bunch of cases (should be fixed, too). Typeahead Find was still completely broken in my aviary builds as of yesterday. I can’t use that feature at all these days. And that so called “better UI” is once again giving away screen estate to pretty useless pictures. Great icon, great dialog, but how do I get rid of it.
    There are times when I wonder if we gonna release 1.0 or 6.0.

  2. Firefox 1.0: New features

    Neil Turner, of Neil’s World, has posted details on some of the new features in Firefox 1.0.
    One of the best has to be the ‘livemark’ feature that allows you to add an RSS feed as a bookmark.
    Read more here.