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How hard can it be to send an email?

There are unseen forces that are trying to prevent me from sending email today. The first is a problem with NTL’s SMTP server that rejects any mail I send to it, and the second is that Bradford’s Webmail system is also down, so I can’t use the web interface for that. I’m having to compose all of my mail in the Horde webmail interface offered as part of my hosting package.
I’m sure there are plenty of open SMTP relays I could use if I wanted to but I actually want some of mails to arrive and not be blacklisted and deleted on the way.
In any case, if you’ve sent me a message today and I have yet to respond, now you know why.


  1. There’s an issue with NTL sending people multiple copies of emails, I had 12 copies of the same email yesterday. Damn them all.

  2. It’s days like this you are glad you’ve got a remote server hosting your email with a webmail client and an authenticating SMTP server (which just needs to you to login using your POP3 details before usage).
    Saying that, (at home) I use Mailwasher to “read” inbound email, reply via Horde Webmail client and just use Outlook 2000 for email storage.