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Still catching up

My general state of business over the past few days means I’m somewhat behind on things – I have 19 unread Lockergnome issues, a sea of unread news items in FeedDemon and a list of work-related things that isn’t going to get shorter any time soon unless I start tackling them pronto.
Yesterday was mostly spent in the house again, although this time with the additions of three important factors: parents, car and money. This means that the house now has a smoke alarm (although it hasn’t yet been fitted). Before you are too ‘alarmed’ (ho ho), it looks as if it did used to have one but somewhere down the line it was removed and never replaced.
Another thing that was removed and never replaced was the lock on my bedroom door, so a new one has been fitted. While I trust my housemates not to steal things I just feel a bit safer in the knowledge that things like my computer and stereo will be behind an extra lock and key.
The room has now gained some more furniture, thanks to the last gasp of the Ikea sale. Originally, its only contents were a bed, a desk with an iron-shaped mark in it, a chair, some curtains and a grotty lamp-shade – the latter two will be replaced with new items next week. To that, we’ve added some shelves, a wardrobe and a printer table-cum-bedside table. A better chair will also be making an appearance when I move in, which will be next Saturday, fingers crossed.
My parents’ old TV is now in the living room along with their old VCR which I’ve had for the past 18 months or so. Again, next week, there will be something decent to stand it on – we bought a TV stand for £15 but didn’t have time to erect it.
Today, I’ve installed Movable Type 3.01D, which is mostly a bugfix release. The templates page looks a little different, and there’s a few template changes that you can make which should increase TypeKey security, along with bugfixes to the import/export tool. If you’re one of those people who will never buy software that ends with zero, then this is your opportunity to upgrade.
Finally a bit of template news – now that this release is out I’ll be updating some of my templates to include MT3-compatible versions that incorporate the new TypeKey code.

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