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It’s got to have some use, I suppose

Screenhot of IE
This is a very sad and geeky thing to do, but there’s a registry entry that you can alter which will change the text that is displayed for the Windows Update item on the Tools menu in Internet Explorer. So naturally, I changed it to something nicer.

If you’re not up for registry tweaking, Xteq-Dotec’s X-Setup Pro will do it for you in a somewhat more painless fashion. It’s a program that I helped to develop in the dim and distant past – do a plugins search for ‘Neil R. Turner’ to see my contributions.


  1. And nobody’s developed a Pizza Plugin for Firefox yet? 🙁 Looks like it’s back to IE I go… (saying that, earlier today I was unable to find a single place online where you could place your order and pay for it online and get them to deliver to my practically central Leicester house – very disappointing 🙁 )

  2. You should name it as “Fix me, again” 🙂

  3. A cool utility. Thanks for the link!
    Richy C. Pizza Hut in the US allows you to order online and have it delivered. You do have to pay at the door though.

  4. Neat Utility

    Neil told his readers about a utility that allows some registry changes easily. It it pretty neat….