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My life in brief

Life has been hectic of late, so here’s a summary of what has been happening:

  1. I’ve failed my second-year, sort-of. I have enough to proceed on an ordinary degree, but to do an honours degree (which I want to do) I’m going to need to re-sit at least one exam next month. The full results aren’t yet out so I don’t know which module it is. I’m not upset about it, don’t worry – I was expecting it.
  2. Work is going okay. We’ve now got some project planning software running which is making things a bit easier. I’m still going to be very busy with that over the next few weeks though.
  3. The house is in a somewhat better situation. The carpet in the front room has been cleaned, as has the cooker. British Gas did threaten to take us to court over an unpaid electricity bill from the previous occupants (to the tune of &pound150 or so) but have accepted that it isn’t us and were happy to set us up with a clean slate. The phone line is still an issue as it appears to have been disconnected – so that needs sorting out and then we can finally get broadband installed. And I finally have my own key for the front door. incidentally I’m in York again this week, but, fingers crossed, I will be finally moving in officially a week tomorrow.
  4. Since yesterday, I have been from York to Bradford and back twice, on a total of 6 trains.
  5. This morning I had training for my next job, starting on the 18th August which is working on the telephone hotline for clearing at the university. You could say it’s a glorified call centre job, I suppose. Training was mostly covering how to answer the phone and deal with people, and how to use the university’s student database software.
  6. I’m currently bidding on a new mobile phone for my mum. She’s decided that she wants something a bit smaller than her brick Nokia 5110. It’s coming via eBay, naturally.
  7. I hope Becki doesn’t get evicted from Big Brother tonight. A lot of people hate her but I think she’s just had a spell of bad luck. And despite what I said I have become equally obsessed with this series as I have with the previous ones. Shell is the housemate I most want to win, and the sooner Jay is evicted the better.

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