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MT-Blacklist installed

As promised, Jay has delivered a pre-release version of the new MT-Blacklist for MT3 users. It’s not yet officially out as this is a private test, and there are some quite big bugs with it. However, for the most part, it appears to work.
It’s been rushed because it needed to be ready for the Plug into Movable Type 3 Developer’s Contest, the deadline for which has now passed. I’m sure a public release will come soon once the bugs are ironed out. In any case, it’s installed here, there shouldn’t be so much trackback spam around, although thankfully the spammers haven’t been so prolific over the past few days.
This new version of MT-Blacklist is awesome. There are some very nice new features in it, and it integrates much more closely with the MT interface.


  1. This is with the cgis under plugins/Blacklist ?

  2. No, the CGIs are in the root folder, with your hack.