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In the news, 4 years ago

Just picked up a copy of the UK computer magazine PC Plus from 4 years ago. It makes interesting reading.
There’s problems with the launch of Windows 2000, when it was announced that there were 63 000 ‘known issues’ with the OS (apparently this isn’t 63 000 bugs, rather bugs, some feature requests and some ideas). There was also a rumour, denied by MS, that Windows 98 was about to become open source, and news about “Windows 98 Millennium Edition”, ie Windows Me.
This was also when the EU started their investigation into Microsoft – that only concluded this year – and the launch of Freeserve’s 512k ADSL package, costing £50/month. There was the launch of the Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox, which had a 6GB drive and could hold “over 150 albums”. It also got plus points for having USB1.1 connectivity, making it quick to transfer files across.
The launch of the first Bluetooth dongle was also hailed, costing £200. A version that would allow access to a wireless LAN was to follow later in the year.
Williamette, the codename for the successor to the Pentium III was launched, initially running at an “impressive” 1.5Ghz. Microsoft also sold its shares in the Santa Cruz Operation (aka SCO, everyone’s favourite company), and Nokia launched its second WAP mobile phone, the 6210. Rumours were abound that Microsoft may or may not develop a new console called the X-Box to challenge the newly-launched Sony PlayStation 2. There was a review of the next version of Windows CE, to be called “Microsoft PocketPC”.
Finally, a whole 2 pages were devoted to “Netscape 5 (codename Seamonkey)”. The review covered milestone 13 of what we now know as the Mozilla Browser Suite, complete with its pre-release modern theme. Back then, it was a 5MB download, but still managed to include a browser, web page editor and email client, plus an early incarnation of ChatZilla. It also mentions Adam Lock’s ActiveX control, and notes the lack of XSL support in the browser’s “New Layout Engine” (later christened Gecko).
It’s pretty impressive to see how far we’ve moved on in 4 years.


  1. Moved on

    Neil’s World – In the news, 4 years ago It’s funny to see how much the Computing world really has moved on since then….

  2. I don’t think so: it’s exactly the same news we see today. The difference is in the numbers and in the names.

  3. I find it interesting to hear our old news and see how things have altered. It really proves the rate that technology has evolved in a relatively short space of time. I wonder what we’ll be reading in 5 years time .. hmm.. Microsoft’s X-box 4.5 flops, Sony takes over the World?!