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The Inquirer’s RSS Feed

The Inquirer has an RSS feed. The reason why I’m posting about it is because I had to use Google to find it. The usual signs that a site has an RSS feed aren’t present on the Inquirer site –

  • No autodiscovery (<link rel="alternate" ...)
  • No ‘XML’ button
  • No ‘syndication’ page
  • No mention of it on the about page

There is a guide to navigating the site that mentions it but even that doesn’t appear to be linked from anywhere significant.
I’m assuming the Inquirer actually wants people to read their site; putting a feed in a rather more prominent place might be one way to increase their readership. As just about all of its competitors do already (,, El Reg etc.)

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  1. Thanks. Now I use google to find it, and find your page instead!