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Mentioned on Engadget

I’m mentioned on this article about drinks safety devices after mentioning Alcotop in a comment on a previous post. It’s a piece of plastic that you buy for around £1 and attachto your bottle of drink (beer, alcopop or whatever) while out clubbing so that people don’t spike it with date rape drugs. We got some in the magazine office a couple of months ago – here was our article about it.


  1. I may be playing Devil’s Advocate here, but why don’t the drinks manufactuers just come out with screw top bottles? It’s quicker to serve (bar staff don’t have to open each bottle). Or even “baby bottle tops” – instead of having a round top, have a funnel type shape similar to a babys bottle: maybe with a “snap off cover” – difficult to get anything else into the bottle…

  2. There is a type of drink called a Mudshake – an alcoholic milkshake 🙂 – that does have a screw top bottle. It is a brilliant idea….

  3. Yep, I’m familiar with mudshakes 🙂 . Much better – and simple – idea.