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June Stats Analysis

Sorry for the slight delay in getting these out, but I’ve been rather busy lately. Anyway…

I managed 86 entries this month, up 5 on May. It was the highest since May 2003 and the third-highest number in total. Yay!
Visitors were up almost 50% to 72 376, probably because this site was featured on Slashdot and Neowin around the 15th June – I managed 1.33GB of traffic that day alone, which is not far off the total amount of traffic I had in January as a whole. Average daily traffic was 237MB – more than double last month, however this was a ‘freak’ month so I’m expecting that to drop in July. Page views reached 338 172 and there were nearly 1 million hits (949 059 to be precise).
Total viewed traffic was 6.96 GB (!), plus 865.32 MB of unviewed traffic. The 5th June was the quietest day, with ‘only’ 86MB of data transferred.
Firefox 0.9 Tour was, unsurprisingly, the most popular entry with 35 343 views. That’s around 7 times the number of views that last month’s most popular entry got, which this month is 7th. The rest of the top ten is as follows:

The number of Windows users is up again to 79.6% with ‘unknown’ operating systems down to 8.3%. Linux jumped up to 6.4%, overtaking Mac users with 5.1%. FreeBSD and Solaris users accounted for 0.1%, with Risc OS and HP-UX tieing with just the 1 hit each.
The flurry of Mozilla-related posts this month put Gecko-based browsers on a total of 47.1% of all web browsers used, eclipsing IE’s 37.5% share. Safari managed 2.6%, followed by Opera with 2.4% and Konqueror with 0.3%. 8% used an unknown browser. AmigaVoyager, NetPositive, Debian APT, iBrowse, ANT Fresco and the browser component of Winamp all sent just the 1 visitor.
62 323 people came here by Google, an increase of 24 000 on last month, with MSN managing 2928 and Yahoo, now in third place, with 1757. ‘gmail invitation’ was, predictably, the most popular search term, but there were a number of Firefox search terms there too.
Finally, the commenters league table now looks like this:

  1. Andy (145)
  2. Quanta (95)
  3. Richy C. (94)
  4. Kim (80)
  5. Chris (63)
  6. Richard (51)
  7. Jake Ortman (50)
  8. Chris Burkhardt (42)
  9. troworld (31)
  10. Dave (28)

And the top trackbackers’ table has changed a bit too:

  1. Richy’s Random Ramblings (29)
  2. (17)
  3. (14)
  4. Please don’t eat me! (11)
  5. Absoblogginlutely (10)
  6. Diaphanus @ Webdiva (10)
  7. Breaking Windows (7)
  8. Nothing but me (7)
  9. Revolving Duck (6)
  10. Stupid Evil Bastard (6)


  1. I’ll get in there one day 😉

  2. I didn’t realize that I comment that often here. 🙂