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Apologies for all the trackback spam

I’m getting hit quite hard by trackback spam at the moment, and I haven’t necessarily been able to keep up with it. As you know, I’m waiting for the new beta version of MT-Blacklist to come out (any day now) which should protect me but in the meantime I apologise if you come across any, especially as it seems to be rape and incest sites that are being linked (yuck… ) . Thankfully they’re mostly hitting old-ish entries (trackbacks are closed automatically on posts that are more than 2 months old) so they shouldn’t show up on anything recent.
In this case, IP blocking just isn’t working because the spam is coming from a variety of IP addresses now. URL-based blocking, a la MT-Blacklist, should be much more effective once it’s in place.
The fact that the email address used for submitting comments to the Comment Spam Clearinghouse is now in my address book is probably an indication of just how much I’m getting.
Finally, on an unrelated note, Daisy wins the Gmail competition by guessing 98p – the actual amount was £1.05 (although we found another 4p after that photo was taken). I think Daisy already has an account, so if Richy, who came second, wants to email me and confirm that he wants it then I’ll offer it 🙂 .


  1. You’ve now got my email address (like you didn’t already have half a dozen for me before 😉 ). Now I’ve just got to decide what to do with a Gmail account 😉 [unlimited email addresses at 12 domains, 3 hotmail accounts, 2 yahoo, unlimited work addresses at around 8 domains and 3 mobile email address – gah: do you think I’ve got enough yet? 🙂 ]

  2. Don’t worry – yours isn’t the only site. Looking through yesterday’s logs, most or my referers were these adult sites trying to get into referers lists and trackbacks. Granted it was a very quiet day on my site, but still. Actually, none of the attempts apear to have been sucessfull – rock on Pivotlog!

  3. Hi Neil,
    You mention that your trackbacks are auto-closed after two months. Are you using MT-Close for that? If so, does it work ok with MT3.0D without modification? (For comments as well as trackbacks, btw).

  4. Yes, I use MT-Close, and it works fine in MT3.

  5. Thanks. I thought I’d check, better safe than sorry and so on.