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The House of Horrors

Yesterday was July 1st and the day that we could move into our rented house. Had everything gone to plan, we’d have all been settled in pretty quickly, but, alas, moving in wasn’t going to go quite so smoothly.
The problems stem from the fact that the previous occupants had only left the house the previous evening, and not bothering to tidy up after themselves nor leaving time for the landlord to inspect the house and get it tidied up for us to move in. As such, the house was in a bit of a state. Here’s just a few of the issues – click on the photos to zoom in.

Photo of an iron-shaped burn mark on my desk To me, it would seem obvious that you shouldn’t put a hot iron down on a wooden desk, but maybe that logic doesn’t apply to everyone. Suffice to say I’ll be spending the year with an iron-shaped burn mark on the bottom-left corner of my desk. I’m considering buying some kind of table-cloth to hide it.
Photo of the freezer with huge blocks of frosted ice This was the state of the freezer when we found it. The freezer looks quite new, so just how long this ice has been accumulating here I don’t know, but in any case it took several hours and a lot of hot water to clear. The food was also left behind – it all went in the bin because most of it has been opened and we have no idea how old it is. Anyway, thanks to all the defrosting we’ve nearly doubled the capacity of the freezer. The fridge was also a state with dried-on jam, tomato ketchup and gawd-knows what else all over the inside. That took over half an hour to clean on its own.
Photo of a large pile of spare change There was also a lot of litter around, especially under the bed. The inventory includes:

  • Two odd socks
  • A pair of boxer shorts (eww… )
  • A lady-shaver – odd, considering that the previous occupants were all male
  • Various pint glasses
  • A socialogy textbook
  • and lots of small change scattered everywhere. A Gmail invitation for the person with the closest guess to the amount shown in the photo (when we’d gathered it all together) by Saturday morning.

The landlord is arranging for the living room carpet to be cleaned, which is also full of stains despite only being laid this time last year. But, as you can imagine, before being able to properly move in a lot of cleaning and vacuuming was needed.
Tomorrow, I’m helping out at the university open day. If you want to say hi, I’ll be around the Computing stand in the Small Hall.


  1. 98 pence?
    Great idea for a competition, I might come back and ask if I can steal it for project blog day – I’m thinking number of dog biscuits in a jar though ;-0)

  2. Can I have the sociology textbook? 😀 I don’t study sociology but it’d be good to sell on eBay lol.