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Just a head’s up for Mac OS X users that 1.1.2 is out on that platform. Previously, Mac users could only use a version of 1.0, so this is a significant update.
It is, however, still very much a port and requires X11 to function, which means it’s still quite ugly (see a screenshot). On the plus side it does at least have smoothed fonts now.
It’s hoped that 2.0 will come with a native Mac OS X version that uses Aqua, but OOo2 isn’t due for over a year yet at least. In the meantime, NeoOffice is a port of OOo that does this, but it’s nowhere near ready for release.

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  1. Ugly is only half the problem – using X11 makes it _very_ slow to start and close, and it breaks all the OLE functionality that you’d expect. Version 2 and/or NeoOffice can’t come soon enough…