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FridayQ: Vent

FQ1: What’s the one thing above all others that drives you insane… that one dreaded event that causes you to completely lose your composure and want to kick, scream, and beat something with a big stick?

People who make wide-ranging, misgided racist comments about certain ethnic groups. Several politicians who really should know better come to mind.

FQ2: Is that all? Surely there is something else that will cause you to freak out! Here’s your chance to vent and list a few other things that make you go nuts…

The rants category on here should give you some ideas, but other things include music by 50 Cent, WWE wrestling, Eastenders and people who don’t clean up their houses before they move out of them…

FQ3: When you’ve been driven crazy by something or someone… and are barely containing your frustration… is there anything you can do to calm down, dispell the rage, and be happy again?

The pub is a nice calming environment, but in the abscence of a suitable drinking hole listening to “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves somehow picks me up.

FQ DARE: Admit it, you’re not perfect… what is something you do that drives other people crazy?

Dribble 🙂 .

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