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Ban this IP address

Someone at has been giving me nasty rape trackback spam all evening. I’d block it, if I were you.
Update: You can also ban and (thanks Richy) or see Richy’s trackback for a whole list of anonymous proxies/zombified computers which may be used for comment/trackback spam.


  1. I’ve just had the same myself –
    I’m just blocking both IP addresses using Cpanel’s IP Deny functionality BTW

  2. Blog: Trackback Spam

    Trackback spam hits my blog and Neils. Action is called for and blocks are in place!

  3. Thanks guys, I’ve just blocked both to be on the safe side.

  4. I have banned them as well.

  5. You better add as well – another 30+ trackback spams just hit me from there. I’ve just actually blocked that whole netblock now ( as it all belongs to the same organisation (a certain ‘security/defense’ organisation in the states with a building with 5 sides!)

  6. Yeah I had exactly the same trackback spam (45) from

  7. hi there.. just happened to drop by here.. u have any idea how to block a IP address from ur blog? i using blogspot..