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Are you a WordPress Junkie

Via Photomatt is You might be a WordPress Junkie, if…. While I’m a Movable Typist myself, I have had done more than a little playing with WordPress recently (since I know a little PHP, I feel more confident going ‘under the bonnet’ with WP than MT) and a surprising number apply to me:

  1. You have more than 5 folders on your web space that begin with “wp-“. – No, still only the default 4 at the moment.
  2. You know that a post-slug is not an insect or a shotgun shell – Indeed. A proper post-slug plugin for MT would be nice actually.
  3. You know what the WordPress Wiki is and where to find something in it – It’s a superb resource that’s saved my life a couple of times recently.
  4. You check the WP CVS at least once a day for updated files – Can’t say I’m that addicted yet 🙂
  5. You know at least two of the developers by their domain name – I know one of them…
  6. You’ve written/modified a plugin or hack for WP – I’ve modified a plugin to better suit the environment we were depolying it on.
  7. You don’t know any Mullenweg’s, but you know a PhotoMattYep 🙂
  8. You know that b2 isn’t just the first two characters of a popular Hip Hop group – Indeed. Never actually used it though.
  9. Your site is listed under ‘Strut your stuff’ on the WP – No
  10. You’ve talked someone into trying WP – I have actually, yes.

There’s got to be a MT version of this out there somewhere, anyone know of one.


  1. “Movable Typist” has a nice ring to it.

  2. Didn’t photomatt stop blogging because his name was first on google?

  3. So who is going to come up with the “Movable Typist” graphic now?

  4. MT version: MT-Do.
    Never posted it, myself: I’d have to have “written all of the templates from scratch” to get a perfect score, and that just doesn’t seem worth the trouble.

  5. Oh yes, MT-Do. Done that one twice now.
    Ben: Yes, he did – for one day 🙂 .