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The big orange fish called responsibility

Yesterday I started my placement in earnest, and had to hit the ground running. I’ve unfortunately got some rather tight deadlines to cope with and tasks that, while looking easy on paper, are turning out to be uphill struggles in reality. But, I am getting there, and in one morning I’ve learnt all manner of things that I didn’t know previously.
While the stuff I’m doing for this placement is very similar to what I do anyway as a hobby, the attitude I’ve had to take has been very different. One of the tasks that I’ve been busying myself this morning would have been something that, had I done it as a hobby, I’d have given up on long ago due to its complexity and the woeful lack of documentation for it. But, alas, giving up is not an option here.
On the non-work side, although it is somewhat related, I’m not going back to Bradford as early as I’d thought. Now that I’m working from home, having internet access is a definite requirement, but unfortunately the house in Bradford may well not have it for at least the next week or so. So rather than making a quick exit tomorrow, I’ll be sticking around and probably going back next weekend. I’m still (probably) going to be in Bradford tomorrow to sign the house contracts, and again on Saturday for work of a different form, but I’ll be commuting there instead.

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