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Slate recommends Firefox

There’s a certain irony associated with this Slate article that recommends Firefox because IE is now almost too risky to use. Slate is of course a Microsoft publication, published through their MSN portal, so the very fact that they are deriding Microsoft’s own browser is somewhat amusing, but at the same time rather scary too. If it’s got to the point that using IE is so risky that a Microsoft publication is pushing alternatives, then surely something is wrong.
But then, there are those of us who have stopped using IE as their primary browser for some time now, and, all we can say is: “we told you so” 🙂 .
Found via Asa who rightly points out that the article doesn’t emphasise how the Mozilla community has helped to shape the browser.


  1. If you can call that a recommendation..

  2. Synergy (or the lack thereof)

    This week’s news about the Download.Ject attacks has even gotten Microsoft telling us to switch browsers.