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Firefox 0.9.1 is out

Firefox 0.9.1 is out. From what I can tell them only change from the release candidate is that the version number has been incremented, but if you’re using 0.9 or earlier you might want to upgrade. Hopefully it’ll solve any issues you’ve been having with the release.


  1. There is a pretty big bug in 0.9x so far that affects the use of ExpressionEngine. For some reason when editing a post, the page size winds up being about 200px bigger than it should be. FireFox 0.8x doesn’t seem to have this problem. Funny thing is that Mozilla 1.7 also has this problsm. Yet the last RC didn’t…
    I do hope they fix this by 1.0, I have really taken a liking to FireFox!
    P.S. You may want to reconsider use of TypeKey in here… Recently, I started getting spam from the e-mail address I used to signup for the service. I gave no indication I wanted that e-mail address released to the public and I don’t see anyway it could have been released, yet… To top it off, the spam’s contained a virus! I have written to SixApart in order to find out what is up with this and have received no responce yet. I’m very dissapointed in them.
    I just thought you might want to know…

  2. Firefox 0.9.1 Is Out

    This release is mostly some bug fixes. They highly recommend upgrading. You can get it here….

  3. Hey… Do you read me?

    Uh oh… right after updating to Firefox 0.9.1, it shows a critical update notice about Firefox 0.9.1!!!
    Hey, what happened? I am using Firefox 0.9.1 already… Is this the problem of or the Firefox itselfs?

  4. I’ve seen others complaining of getting spam to their typekey address, thank God I haven’t, yet!

  5. Hmm, I have installed it, but the software update logo in the button right corner stills show that there is an update.
    I can’t get rid of it, any advice?

  6. Looks like bug 249160. I’ve seen other people with this problem.