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Cooking on more gas

I’ve just added a new memory module to the laptop, courtesy of Crucial. It now means I have 512MB of RAM rather than 256MB. While I haven’t noticed a huge performance increase yet, having a bit more RAM can’t hurt 🙂 .
I’ll add myself to Crucial’s list of happy customers. I only ordered it on Sunday and it arrived by special delivery this morning and worked fine. Delivery was free, and the whole lot including VAT was only £35. And to think that 7 years ago my dad paid over £50 for a mere 8MB…

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  1. I remember my dad spending £120 on 4mb for our 486.
    4 1mb SIMMS, and they wee installed with utmost care for static discharge. Fast forward to today and i have 10 old pc units in pieces at home – and they are worth peanuts.