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The annoyances of public transport

Lately, what with sorting out this placement and various other stuff, I’ve been using public transport quite a bit. I don’t drive, and don’t intend to until I need to or have the money to pay for a car, the fuel and most importantly the insurance (which for young males is extortionate – darn statistics), so for long distances the bus and the train are my only reliable options as lifts aren’t always available.
Today, on the bus back from the station, there was a toddler who was having an über-tantrum. No really, he was screaming the place down. Which is what toddlers do from time to time – I did it when I was that age and I have no doubt that many others do.
But someone sat down next to me (the bus was standing-room only and I was stood in the aisle) was complaining bitterly, about this “annoying little infant” and saying that he and his parents should be kicked off. Now, I’m sorry, but kids have tantrums. He and his parents are perfectly entitled to be on that bus – and you’re only on it for a bit over 5 minutes anyway. If you’re that keen on peace on quiet while travelling, buy some headphones and a walkman. It works for me.


  1. Or perhaps an iPod, and some earphones.

  2. Wow, an evil smiley, I didn’t meant that.
    Or did I?