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The fightback

Cerulean Studios yesterday patched both the free and pro versions of Trillian so that users could connect to Yahoo (see ZDNet UK article), and, at least for now, it works.
Gaim has also been updated to work with Yahoo’s newly altered protocol – version 0.79 came out yesterday, which also introduces various other new features, like buddy icons and file transfers on MSN. incidentally, Cerulean Studios contributed the fix for Yahoo connectivity, which is awfully nice of them. It’s actually not the first time – Cerulean helped them out last time Yahoo buggered upchanged their protocol.
Although recent Miranda IM releases haven’t included a Yahoo plugin, the most recent nightly build also looks like it has a fix.
Still, I’d like Yahoo users to take note of this: Yahoo’s decision is going to make it a lot more difficult to communicate with your friends, if they persist with constant protocol alterations. If you still want to be able to communicate, consider another network, such as the free and open Jabber network. has an extensive list of clients, which include all of the above (with the exception of the free Trillian). Jabber has no problem with third-party clients, simply because there is no official client and because the system is non-proprietary. You can find me there as totalxsive (at}

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    According to several places and Neil’s World – The fightback, Miranda has been patched to work with Yahoo again but my Miranda hasn’t worked for several days now, and the latest patches i downloaded this afternoon after receiving notification that…