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Firefox 0.9.1 Screenshots

Screenshot of the main window in a test build of Firefox 0.9.1
That, my friends, is how Winstripe looks in Firefox 0.9.1. I’m not so sure whether I like it – to be honest I prefer the original Winstripe icons from 0.9, but then I don’t tend to use the default theme, preferring Charamel (now 0.9-compatible). As far as I can tell, all my installed extensions – Tabbrowser Extensions, Firesomething and Web Developer Toolbar – work fine.
The only other theme changes affect the Theme and Extension Manager dialogs – here’s a screenshot of the new Theme Manager dialog, with new buttons and a new icon for the default theme.
Firefox 0.9.1 obviously isn’t out yet, but you can download a nightly like I did.


  1. Do they have that new feature for secure sites in this build as well? Where the bar turns yellow, and lock is on the address bar…

  2. It’s not my favorite theme but it does look better now then the current one. I still use the Pinstripe, Winstripe does not look good on OS X.

  3. Nah… Winstripe became Qute-like… Oh my god… How can they do that…?

  4. Mike Wills, those feature will NOT be in Firefox 0.9.1. Sure.

  5. Firefox 0.9.1 Screenshots

    Neil had taken a few screenshots of our lovely Firefox nightly build.
    The Winstripe looks more Windows-like. Not bad. But somehow I find the shadows of the Qute theme, especially the Home button. Is it just me? 😛
    P.S. I wonder if the buttons …

  6. I like Back/Forward/Stop, no shadows, but they just killed Reload/Home.

  7. Qute > *
    The colour of the roof of the home icon spoils the theme.