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Firefox 0.9.1 coming soon

This is good news for anyone who’s had trouble with Firefox 0.9 – a maintenance release is coming in a few days which will fix a few niggling bugs. It’ll also have updates to the Winstripe theme.
The bugs are mostly related to issues with profiles and the theme and extension managers, and won’t include cool new features like the new, easy to use Bookmarks Manager and better handling of secure sites – in newer builds, if you visit a secure site, an icon appears in the address bar (as opposed to the status bar) and the address bar turns a shade of yellow. But, this shouls hopefully silence some of the critics who are less than happy about the way that Firefox is going.


  1. Ah, hopefully it will fix the ad block problem.

  2. Adblock works fine with Firefox 0.9. You need to get the repackaged version from the MozillaZine forums.

  3. Colin: They are (mostly) niggling bugs in my mind. They haven’t affected everyone (certainly not me).

  4. Heh. I thought it was excellent word use.