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Yahoo blocking Trillian

Yahoo is blocking Trillian again and this time it’s for good, apparently:

This time, however, Yahoo said it will continue changing its protocols to prevent clients such as Trillian from finding new ways to incorporate Yahoo. Again, the measure was cited by Yahoo as a way to prevent IM spam.

“By making frequent protocol changes, it is our expectation that spammers will be blocked from abusing our system to spam our users,” Osako said.

That’s what they say. I’m sure there are several other more reasons for this, such as loss of advertising revenue from adverts in Yahoo’s client. In any case, Trillian are aware of it. It apparently also affects users of Gaim, Miranda IM and Fire.

I really hope this backfires on Yahoo. People use Trillian for a reason – they don’t want to have 6 different clients installed just so that they can talk to all of their friends. Obviously it’s their network and they can do what they like with it but if people move to other networks because of this then it’s their own fault.

But then, even if Yahoo do change their minds, it’s not like I’ll be able to log in anyway.


  1. Shocking attitude from Yahoo. I hardly know anyone that uses their IM, and I only had it on Trillian so I could get email notification from my dad’s email account. Like you say, hope it backfires. Grr.

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  3. Do You Yahoo!?

    Looks like Yahoo is throwing one of their typical hissy fits at people, like myself, who use third party IM clients like Trillian Pro to access their instant messenger service…

  4. It’s been patched now 🙂

  5. Cerulean Studios have released v.2.013 that at the time of posting fixed the Yahoo problem.

  6. Ha!
    It looks like 3 of us had the same idea. 🙂

  7. Great minds… and all that

  8. shooting the messenger

    Carly to Yahoo: Your Messenger client is a clunky, unstable piece of junk.