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  1. Sorry but, who robbed you?
    I thought Portugal won you.

  2. Obsession

    The UK Blogs aggregator has We was robbed, We wuz robbed, We wuz robbed, as well as my Robbed UK…

  3. 6-5 to Portugal

    While I’m not a football fan, I was still interested to see what the outcome of England’s match against Portugal would be.
    I wasn’t actively wishing for England to lose, nor was I wishing them to win. As you can tell from the title of this post, w…

  4. The answer to your question is the blind referee.

  5. As an Englishman I totally agree with you. One wonders if England were playing anyone other than the host nation we would still be in.
    On the other hand it wasn’t England’s finest display. Still as you say there’s always 2 years time…

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