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Darn those Malaysians

From Tim

This website also blocks all attempts to get it from any Malaysian IP. Coming from an online culture based around IRC and ICQ conversations, Malaysians tend to be untrained in cohesive thought and their comments tend to be rather crude and rude, intentionally or unintentionally.

Damn right too. I mean, we wouldn’t want those Malaysians to be able to read about web standards and learn how to design web pages properly, now would we? :-/

I said it last week and I’ll say it again this week – the world wide web was created for everyone. Just because a dominant minority of people from a particular country can’t act their age, it doesn’t mean the whole country is like that. It’s like saying that Romania is full of gypsies or that Germany is full of people who aren’t very good at football (sorry… 😉 ).

Thanks to Lim Chee Aun for that. incidentally Lim Chee Aun is a Malaysian who is interested in web standards, and is also a damn good graphic designer – he created the Phoenity theme for Firefox, along with several other applications. I actually use his cursors as my default in Windows and the smileys on this site are designed by him too.


  1. Quote: “…that Germany is full of people who aren’t very good at football (sorry ;).”
    Well, England was out of the EM one day later… Not that much better I would guess :->

  2. Yes, I’m rather regretting posting that now 🙂