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Another day, another meme

Appropriated from Kim who theived it from Dave.

Born on what day of the week?

It was a Friday, apparently. In the evening.

Chore you hate?

Cleaning. Particuarly when it’s something yucky.

Dad’s name?

‘Dad’, duh.

Essential makeup item?

Well, I can never go out without a nice layer of foundation, some eyeblisher, mascara… Eh.

Favorite actor?

Tough one. I don’t watch enough film or TV to really have a favourite.

Gold or silver?

Silver. Gold is far too bling.


Good ol’ York :).

Instruments you play?

Voice, if it counts. Other than that I have distinct lack of musical ability.

Job title?

Layabout student.


Not yet. Need to get a partner first…

Living arrangements?

Currently house-sitting my parent’s house in York, but will be moving into a rented house with two other guys next week. Woo!

Mom’s name?



Money and an iPod or similar media playing device.

Overnight hospital stays?

Probably my first few nights after I was born. But nothing after that. I’m not a bone-breaking sort of person.


Nothing significant.

Quote you like?

“If it weren’t the invention of C, we’d only be able to program in PASAL, OBOL and BASI”. Or words to that effect. Can’t remember who said it.

Religious affiliation?



None, either.

Time you wake up?

It varies, but usually not before 8am.

Unique talent?

Looking like I’m going to be violently sick, and then not.

Vegetable you refuse to eat?

Sprouts. Ewww.

Worst habit?

Picking my noise. Although I do wash my hands afterwards.

X-rays you’ve had?

Several mouth x-rays.

Yummy food you make?

I can make a mean chicken korma.

Zodiac Sign?


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  1. Meme

    Today was not much better than yesterday. I hope this string of sucky days ends soon. Needless to say, this means I am not in much of a mood to write anything chipper. Perhaps a questionaire? Neil is always finding…