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That was nice of them

Yahoo decided to terminate my account last night. Not that I used it much but it was useful for Yahoo Messenger. Naturally no reason was given either. Inactivity might be one but then an account I used to have before that is still around and I haven’t logged into that in years (it still says I’m 15 on my profile).
I’m annoyed but their terms of service gives them every right to do so. In any case, you can take ‘sashworld’ off your Yahoo contact lists. I hardly used it anyway so I don’t see the point in signing up again. If you need to get in touch, I’m 149181635 on ICQ, totalxsiva on AOL and totalxsive @ on Jabber.
Update: For the curious, here’s a screenshot of the message you receive when your account has been terminated.


  1. Now that makes no sense! They increase the size of their mail to try to compete with the (hopefully) soon to be released Gmail, then piss off a bunch of people by killing a bunch of accounts without warning.
    Are they trying to push people to Google?
    I have a Yahoo mail account still, but I rarely use it myself. I did use it the day they increased the size to see if they still had that stupid signature in messages going out. I’ll be letting my account slide too. I really don’t see the point with Gmail. 🙂

  2. That was weird. I wend to post that comment and your site told me to enter my name and e-mail. Yet according to the line directly below “Post a comment” I was signed in. I “signed out” and signed in again and the post worked.
    Just though I would let you know. Might have something to do with not quite remembering me.

  3. It’s done that to me before too. Not quite sure what causes it.
    I wish someone could create a PHP version of the Typekey code, rather than JavaScript – it would make things so much easier 🙂

  4. yahoo is nonsensical as a rule, but did you do any strange things of late?! I’ve got n accounts on that site & they are all active still, even though many are fake…

  5. I had got an account, but when I started receiving spams on my other email address I had given to them, I closed it. When I decided to reopen it, there was a message saying: “This account already exists”. Very nice …

  6. Wow. My Yahoo! email is dead, but I can still use all the other services like YIM! and Groups, etc. It says if i want my email back I have to pay for it.