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  1. Ouch! My head hurts now. Some people should never be allowed to touch the web at all.
    Some people should be forced to stare at pages like that until they go blind!
    And here I though you were pointing out a couple of new designers with some radical new ideas… That’s a little too radical!

  2. Oh wow, that’s humorously bad. Do these people not look at their web sites at all?

  3. … we should offer them the award of “worst design ever seen on the web”, for their Award page

  4. Such inspiration! I don’t know what I want to copy first, the wonderful use of colour or the judicious use of white space.

  5. The second one looks like a joke… not sure. But the first one is just BAD. I haven’t looked at it in IE, though, so it might be semi-okay there.

  6. the first one looks like one of those ads that used to be in the back page of comics years ago with all sorts of goodies to send off for – like xray specs,fortune telling fish, stink bombs etc. Full of pictures all over the page.

  7. new style

    Geeking again and thinking of a new style. Here are my choices: Choice 1 Choice 2 I just can’t decide! [nicked from Neil]…