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Hosting for Fascists

I was aware of the existence of white-supremecy sites like Stormfront and Redwatch, but now Ben has found hosting companies that deliberately discriminate against black people. Personally I refuse to link to these sites but if you’re desperate you can follow Ben’s links.
I find it shocking that such companies can exist, but then the first one mentioned looks distinctly dodgy. Even disregarding their racist customer policy, would you have your site hosted on a company with no postal contact address and on a domain registered through Domains by Proxy?
It’s probable that they’re based in Australia, in which case I hope that the Australian authorities clamp down on them. One claims that the internet was made by white people and shouldn’t be used by ‘lip-smaking jungle bunnies’, but I seem to recollect that Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the world wide web, wanted it to be for everyone.

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  1. Didn’t follow the links to the hosting companies, but I spotted someone from Bradford Speak on that Redwatch site. Maybe I should buy him a drink in congratulations.