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Apple considering native Ogg support?

Listing of the icons offered by iTunes I updated iTunes today, which for some reason lead to the desktop icon go strange (probably something I’ve done). Anyway, I went to correct it manually, but browsing through the icons offered by iTunes I saw an Ogg icon along with icons for the various other formats.
Now, unlike the others, the Ogg icon was greyed out, but perhaps this is an indication that Apple is considering adding support for this format in future? It’s currently available as an unofficial add-in at from the QuickTime Components Project, but with a bit of luck Apple will be including it by default. Let’s hope so.

One Comment

  1. Unfortunately, the OGG icon has been a part of the Mac version for almost as long as the software has been available. You will notice they also have a WMA icon in there too, and Jobs said that they will not support WMA any time soon.
    However, Apple has never ruled out OGG, so hopefully we will see it in the future.