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I got featured on Slashdot and Neowin yesterday! The articles link to a screenshot of Firefox’s main window that I put up as part of last week’s review, and was probably why I had 1.33GB of transfer yesterday (as a guide, that’s half of what I had in April as a whole). Referals from Neowin alone brought 7000 visitors.
I’ve taken the image down (or rather replaced it with a half kilobyte apology), since I don’t want to lose my hosting. I’m allowed around 10GB/month and so far I’ve used 60% of that with only half of the month gone…
I checked my host’s terms and conditions again – it’s actually 30GB/month, so I’m actually alright. Phew!


  1. I’m getting killed too – I’m now number one for a Google search for Popular Bloggers. Join in the fun my friend.

  2. Ah, congrats!
    You also got neowined, but I guess that doesn’t sound anywear near as effective.
    Pretty cheeky linking to the pictures and not the articles though.

  3. Woo congrats 🙂

  4. Are you sure you’ve only got 10Gb? I’ve just checked the T+C’s of your hosting company, and they give a “recommendation” of 30Gb/month – but I’m aware some people are utilising over 100Gb/month with them…

  5. There is another reason: try searching “Firefox+0.9” on Mozilla, and you’ll see that it can be useful to attract people, like me or example !

  6. I was one of those visiters! (after the image replace) I recognize the “slashdot effect” image you put up. And now i’ve floated back to your site through the same article link at a completely different site (redemption in a blog). Ah, the internet is a very fun place to get lot in. Speaking of which, I need to get to work. Great site!
    p.s. – I can’t believe they hotlinked directly to your image, and not to your article.