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New licensing scheme for Movable Type

Six Apart have announced a new pricing structure for MT3. The article has the full details, but in a nutshell, the licenses are as follows:

  • Free Edition – free, limited to 3 weblogs and 1 author (unchanged)
  • Personal Edition – $69.95, now has unlimited weblogs and up to 5 authors
  • Unlimited Personal Edition – $99.95, a new package with unlimited authors and unlimited weblogs
  • Commercial editions – now licensed solely based on the number of users, starting at $199.95. Includes unlimited weblogs on all levels.
  • New pricing for Non-profit organisations and educational institutions

The Personal Edition prices are for the lifetime of the 3.x release, so updates to (for example) 3.1 would be free, and discounts for version 4.x will be offered too.

The new structure should satisfy many of those with large installations who were facing several-hundred dollar fees – I especially like the ‘unlimited personal edition’ package.

One Comment

  1. Still – $100 (I’m assuming it’s US$) is still somewhat expensive.
    The 70 personal version seems better, unless you have lots of authors and such.