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Route planning gone insane

My parents are going off to France in the early hours of Thursday morning, and so they’ve asked me to print off a route plan from York to the Channel Tunnel. They know the route but it helps to have some indication of how long it’s going to take and how many miles we’ll be covering.
I first tried Multimap‘s planning system, which gave me this route. Apart from suggesting the M1 instead of the A1, A14 and M11, it looks relatively simple, until you get towards Folkestone. Instead of telling us to veer off the M20 into the terminal, it tells us to go straight on into Dover. And then through Dover into the Eastern Docks. And then onto a ferry. For 4.7 miles.
So, according to Multimap, the Channel Tunnel is located 4.7 miles out to sea in the middle of the English Channel. Hmmmm.
incidentally typing in ‘Channel Tunnel Terminal’ gave something more sensible, but it still amused me.

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  1. Have a look at, i find it looks neater than multimap and the route seems to be shorter with map24:
    Your route: 442.78 km
    St. Maurice s Road
    YO1 7 York (York)

    CT Dover
    06:12 h