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Firefox 0.9 is out

Go and get it. Now. Two things to point out from my review of the release candidate: Help is now working for me and I found out that I’d set the Bookmark Manager to sort alphabetically, hence the weirdness.
There’s also a release candidate of Thunderbird 0.7, which includes the new theme and extension managers, along with various other improvements. The final release of that will probably come with the final release of Mozilla 1.7 which is also due out soon.
You can also download Firefox using a Gnutella client (or KaZaA 2.6+), an eDonkey client or via BitTorrent – use these if the mirrors are too slow.


  1. Firefox 0.9

    Not that anyone has missed it, but go get Firefox 0.9 while it’s hot!…

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I just updated. The funny thing is that my co-worker asked me when the new Firefox was supposed to be out. 😛

  3. firefox 0.9

    You know you want it. You can read about it at the Firefox 0.9 press release, the mozillaZine Firefox 0.9 article, and the newly revamped Firefox product page. update: Parker Morse, over at Flashes of Panic, has renewed his offer to help anyone experie…

  4. FireFox 0.9 Is Out

    Thanks to Neil for letting me know the new FireFox is out. I am in the process of downloading now. I would have posted this sooner, but I have been in a conference all day….

  5. Ah, thank you for the update!
    I just downloaded it, and it’s looking good.
    I’m not sure about the new theme though…

  6. I could not agree with you more or the stance you article takes. If you are going to go to Firefox and want to get the most optimized version available, try the custom builds made by MOOX. This developer makes builds that are optimized for specific CPU architectures, as well as including patches the devs have not incorporated into source yet. Overall, MOOX builds test out approximately 25% faster than standard builds.
    You can download moox builds directly at