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More on the Typekey Inquisition

Remember this post from last month? Some dude posted his disatisfaction at my decision to support TypeKey here, saying that this would be the last time he would comment. Except that it was also the first time…
Well, turns out that the same guy has been trolling Jay Allen – the IP address and hostname were exactly the same. Looks like it’s some bored University of California student who really needs a better hobby.


  1. No WAY! Man…
    I found this comment rather illuminating:

    “As for the troll, it REALLY sucks that some dumbass UCSB student is giving you a hard time. It’s my alma mater and I even work there. As far as the IP address goes, that is a Resnet IP, meaning it is assigned to some little kiddie who lives in the dorms. As such, they will probably only be living in that particular room until June and then will most likely live somewhere else.”

  2. Sheesh. What a loser!