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New on the radar

This is a return of my occasional feature when I run down new blogs that I’ve recently started reading.

  • Mog’s Blog – Morgan did a review of FeedDemon recently and his Blog looks interesting.
  • cheeaunblog – Lim Chee Aun created the Phoenity theme for Firefox (along with a whole host of other apps) and his blog is very interesting.
  • Pink Socks – Hanni is a wonderfully friendly person, and has a very nice theme for her weblog 😉 .
  • – I’ve often used Gina’s articles for reference in the past.


  1. /blushes
    Now where could I have got that design from?
    Cheers Neil.

  2. Pink Socks

    Neil’s World – New on the radar. /blushes Thanks Neil….

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