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Oh well, we tried

The BNP managed to win 4 seats in Bradford, including one in Wibsey which was an area we specifically targeted with our leafletting campaigns. Keighley and Wyke also elected BNP councillors, as did the Worth Valley, which seems odd to me as I’m having difficulty imagining towns like Oxenhope and Haworth (home of the Brontë sisters) being places where immigration is a big issue.
They retained their grip on Burnley but have lost out in Oldham, and have only gained 1 seat nationally. But it’s still a shame that they have made inroads here, especially as Bradford has usually shunned them in the past. As a whole, Bradford Council still has no overall control with roughly equal numbers of Labour and Conservative councillors. The BNP came fourth after the LibDems, with the Greens taking 3 seats (full results).
Let’s just hope that the people who voted them in realise what a mistake they have made. The results of the European elections are still to come.

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  1. I did the local elections count on Thursday and Friday morning and I’ll be back in for the European’s on Sunday. It was a long haul as we were trying out a new system of recording the info.